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Thanks for your interest in establishing a new professional account with us. Please fill out this form and submit it using the button at the bottom of the page. In a few minutes, our automated system will send your account number to the e-mail address you provide. With the account number you can immediately submit orders using the Pounds Remote Order System (PROS) which you can download from the Online Ordering Tools section of our Web site. Click here if you would rather fax or mail us your application.

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Minimum of six characters required. In order to access the Customer Home section of our Web site, please provide us with a password you can remember. The Customer Home section enables you to quickly have access to order tracking, financial information about your account, how-to documents and guides.

Resale Info

Specify whether the work we will be doing for you is for resale. If your business is based in California, Ohio, or Texas, you must provide a Sales Tax # in order for us to not charge sales tax on your orders.

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We charge you only $6.00 for shipping each day we ship something to you. We use ground service if you are within the 1 or 2 day delivery range for ground. We use second day air service when ground would take three or more days to reach you.

Dallas Counter Pickup

Billing Method*

Credit Card
If you elect to pay by credit card our normal procedure is to post a single charge to your account each evening for work billed during the day. Your credit card will only be charged for print products and services you order from Pounds. We accept: American Express, Mastercard and Visa.
You make payments which we credit to your prepaid account. As work orders are billed they draw on those funds. If the balance in the account is not sufficient to pay for a work order it will not bill or ship until payment arrangements have been made. You can monitor the balance in your prepaid account on our website.

Responsibility For Payment

I agree to pay Pounds Photo Lab, LLC for the products and services purchased and billed to my account, in accordance with the terms applicable to the type of account I am provided. Pounds Labs reserves the right to change the terms of agreement at any time. Further purchases on my account after Pounds Labs has changed the terms of agreement constitute my consent to those changes.

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