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Another tool to promote and sell.

Advertise and promote your business and services with Banners from Pounds!

Printed on bright white and water resistant fabric, these banners are great for promoting your business (in reception areas as point-of purchase displays, at bridal shows and trade events, and more). Banners can even be used as print products in their own right (full-length bridal portraits and senior banners).Available stand and carrying case.

You create the banner image in Photoshop (150 DPI is best), flatten the image and save as a JPEG file. We provide the "footprint" in PROS into which you drag and drop your file. Images are then printed onto premium satin fabric.

Retractable banner stands add value, saving you space and setup times.

Also available are compact, portable banner stands into which the banners roll up like an old-fashioned window blind. The stands are light and easily carried by hand from place to place and setup in seconds. It takes just a few minutes to attach the banners to the roll-up leader using double-sided tape. Later, they can be easily removed from the stand so that another banner can be used with any one stand.

Banners measure 24x80 in size and have a two day turnaround time. For more information, feel free to contact us.