Pounds Automated Sales System
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Pounds Automated Sales System
Your new e-commerce solution.

After the sales commission has been deducted, does it feel like the shopping cart on your e-commerce site might as well have been empty? The Pounds Automated Sales System lets you keep more of your money.  With PASS, you pay a low monthly fee plus one cent per image per month.  Best of all, there's no commission!

E-commerce has seen a 25 percent growth in 2006 compared to the year prior.  Tap into the conveniences the Internet provides by allowing your clients to view and order their pictures in their own comfort zone.

PASS allows you to have total control over images, pricing and all orders that are placed.  With Web site creation tools, image galleries, image and password protection capabilities, and more; PASS is your affordable e-commerce solution.

Discover more about what PASS can do for you and your business!