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Product & Services Update

The End of Film Processing at Pounds
After surveying our film customers about their plans, we have determined that as of the end of December Pounds will no longer process film. A more specific message is being sent to customers we have identified as film users. If you did not get that message or would just like to see what it said we have placed a copy here.

Senior Graphics Year Change
The year on our Senior Graphic products has changed from 2008 to 2009. 2008 graphics are no longer available. We suggest that you use our generic Specialty Graphic products and add the year in one of the text fields for those late ‘08 seniors.

Huffnagel Displays Now Availble via PROS
The PROS Huffnagel Display is a proven marketing tool that will help you sell larger prints. It is a set of 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 20x24, 24x30 and 30x40 UV protected and gatorfoam mounted prints of the same image. In PROS, look for the Huffnagel Display Catalog to place your order.

Digital Education

July Workshops
Want to learn something new? We have a variety of programs schedule for July 16 and 17 at both our Dallas and Fort Worth Service Centers. Does a Webinar work better for you? Limited seats are available for out July 10 Webinar. Register today!

Register Today for School Photography Boot Camps
If you've ever thought about diversifying your studio business to bring in BIG money during the fall and spring seasons – working weekdays before 3 p.m. – and with no weekend work – this is the workshop for you!

This comprehensive five-day program presents everything you need to know to operate a successful undergraduate school portrait & yearbook business.  The program will be led by Mr. Chris Wunder, Cr. Photog., the nation's leading educator, platform speaker and author on school and event photography.  [more...]

Customer Spotlight – Kammy Thurman; Anchor Photography
Kammy Thurman, co-owner of Anchor Photography, is also a marketing consultant/writer through her business - Anchor Creative.   

Kammy has been writing about marketing and business issues for over a decade.  Her recent article, Tap the Power - Your Web Site Can Be an Automated Marketing Machine, was published in Professional Photographer Magazine. 

In her article, she offers tips on how to use your website effectively.  One of the biggest issues all businesses face is how to keep customers coming back to their Web sites and Kammy thoroughly explains how you can keep in touch with valuable prospects. [more...]


Summer Sale

Save 50 Percent on PROS Samples
It is a well worn truism in the photography business that “you can’t sell what you don’t show”. We want to encourage you to show as many different options as you offer. To help you do that without breaking the bank we have come up with a special sample discount program.

Create your own sample products using products, graphics and finishing options from the Composite Prints, Pic-A-Pac, Machine & Package or Digital Press catalogs.  Then in the review screen select the “Sample Order” option. We will apply a 50 percent discount to the order. We ask that you honor the spirit of this promotion by not using it to order products that you intend to sell. These orders may not be rushed and are subject to our regular minimum charges.

This program is available only through July 31! [details]

Please note that our usual samples program of 30 percent will run through August 31 (just in case you want to hold off from ordering from this special offer).  We just wanted to give you an EXTRA incentive to order samples to help grow your business.

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Date of Publication:  June 30, 2008
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