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Product & Services Update

Standout Mounts
New to Pounds, Standout Mounts are 1.5-inch thick lightweight boards banded with an attractive textured hard black edge.  These mounts eliminate the need for framing and provide your customers with new options for displaying their images.

“It is a nice alternative for prints that customers might not want to have framed,” said Kristin Morales, owner of Memorable Moments.  Kristin uses the mounts for baby portraits and said it creates a new design for clients outside of traditionally hanging the image on a wall. [read more...]

New Print Sizes in PROS
16x24 and 15x30 prints are now available for ordering within PROS.  All professional print finishing options are available.

Money Envelope Change
We are in the process of transitioning our Money Envelopes to a larger size—8.5x13.75.  The product upgrade features a perforated tab that your clients can remove and keep as a proof of submission.  Contact a friendly customer service representative today if you have any questions regarding the upgrade.

Proof Surface Textures Now Available at Reduced Pricing
Now you can add surface textures to your proof prints at a reduced price! For only 12 cents per print, you can add fine pebble, coarse pebble or linen textures when ordered via PROS.  This offer is available on proofs in the Standard, Specialty Border and Sloppy Border Proofs catalogs.

Digital Education

Register for June Workshops!
We have four wonderful workshops in store for your coming up on June 18 and 19 at the Dallas Service Center.  These new workshops, presented by Gary Hutson and Gerry White, are designed to help you get the most out of digital photography.  Visit our Web site and read more about these fabulous workshops that will help you save valuable time.

If you live in Austin and Houston and are interested in us hosting education programs in your city, give us a shout.  Let us know what you want as we begin planning our July programs.



Annual Wallet Special Continues
There’s just one month left in our Annual Wallet Special promotion.  Save up to 20 percent off wallet specials when ordered through PROS now through June 30.  This year, we are adding Senior and Specialty Graphic Wallets to the promotion, giving you an even broader range of flexibility when designing your own spring promotion packages.

Using Adobe Trial Software?
During the month of June 2008, certain product trials that are launched for the first time (regardless of when they were installed) will function for only one day instead of 30 days, due to an error in a line of code that counts down the remaining days in a trial. You will not experience this issue if you have launched your trial before June 1, 2008, or do not launch it until July 1 or thereafter. [KB Article] [FAQ]

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Date of Publication:  May 30, 2008
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