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Products & Services Update

Sports Graphics Transition to 2008
Just as the New Year turns the corner, we want to remind you that the years on all of our sports graphics will be updated from 2007 to 2008 effective January 2, 2008.   Due to the large undertaking of this transition, all orders that are printed after January 2 will have the New Year.  We cannot switch graphics back to 2007 for individual orders or customers.

Spring Greeting Card Graphics
Looking for some fresh ways to generate additional income this coming spring? Consider offering Valentine and Easter themed photographic greeting cards. [more...]

Changes to Film-based Services
Over the last two years, we have seen the volume of incoming film and film-based services decrease by approximately 70 percent.  Taking note of this trend, we have made some decisions on how we service our film customers.  For more information on the changes to our film services, please click here.

Using PROS Thumbnails
If you shoot with film and we scan your images, you may be interested in using PROS Thumbnails.  Take advantage of using large images without having to deal with storing them.  Basically, we scan your film and give you a CD with special thumbnails that have embedded information that our production software uses to access the large scanned files when you submit an order.  Discover how you can benefit from PROS Thumbnails.

Kodak to Discontinue ProShots
The Kodak Professional ProShots System will be discontinued in just over a week from now.  ProShots Studio Software Suite, Basics Software, Online Services, and Lab Interface Software will no longer be able to view or place orders.  Effective December 31, 2007, all operations associated with the ProShots System will cease.

If you have not yet transitioned from ProShots to another software solution, we encourage you to place your final orders now.  It is also worth mentioning that depending on your use of the ProShots System, the Pounds Automated Sales System (PASS) will be an excellent alternative.  For more information regarding PASS, please visit www.poundslabs.com/pass.

Upcoming Promotions

Big Print Special
The first quarter is right around the corner, so that means it’s time for our yearly Big Print Special.  Save 50 percent January 2 through March 31 on select prints size 16x20 through 30x40.

Here’s how it works:  Simply place an order for a big print (16x20 through 30x40) and it automatically gets billed at half price.  No strings attached!  The first print will be billed at half off and additional prints from the same image/size will be regular price.  Finishing services are always available to enhance your print, but at regular pricing.  This limited time offer does not apply to Panorama Prints, Sports Posters, Gallery Wraps, or Fine Art Prints.

The Big Print Special is an ideal way to spruce up your studio with new wall samples.  You can also use the lower prices to create your own studio specials to boost sales and profits.

Sample Prints/Studio Samples Program
Pounds is happy to provide a 30 percent discount on prints from your files or negatives from January 1 through August 31.  The discount will be applied to prints and finishing services only—art, merchandise or special handling will be invoiced at our regular prices.  Sample Discount is not available from September 1 through December 31 and may not be used on any promotional priced products.  Sample orders can not be rushed and are subject to minimum order charges.  If you have any questions regarding this program, feel free to contact a friendly customer service representative.



Holiday Hours of Operation
The last day of production and shipping prior to Christmas was today, December 21. Our service centers will be open Monday, December 24 until noon. Normal business hours will resume December 26 through 28.  Our production lab and all service centers will be open on December 31 until noon.  We will be closed on January 1.  Normal business hours will resume on January 2.

File Names & Formats
To make sure our production system does not balk at the images you submit, please keep the following in mind:

  • Save all images in a flattened, RGB format—JPEG or TIF
  • Keep file names as simple as possible and limit to 25 characters in length
  • Avoid extraneous characters such as: ,^&%<>~()’ “”#?
  • Avoid accented characters such as ö, á, è, ñ

If you have any questions regarding the proper saving and naming of images, please contact a friendly customer service representative.

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Date of Publication:  December 21, 2007
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