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Products & Services Update

Products & Services Catalog
Our brand new Products & Services catalog is now available. You can download the electronic version by logging into Customer Home and clicking on the “Products & Services Catalog” button. If you prefer to have a print version, you can request that one be sent to you by filling out the form on our Web site.

20up Proof Pages
Our Proof Pages line has been expanded, giving you the ability to add 20 images per page through the PROS Proof Pages catalog. Page sizes and all options are the same as existing pages.

Greeting Card Sample Books & Promo Kits
Increase your holiday sales this season with our Greeting Card Sample Books and Promo Kit. These great marketing aids feature real samples of our Photographic Greeting Cards, Gift Tags and Holiday Wallet Magnets. They also show thumbnails of our entire Greeting Card Graphic Collection.

Finishing Sample Books
This new marketing aid is designed to help you sell more finishing options to your clients. Composed of over 20 pages of real samples, this book is a great tool to help support your bottom line. To find out more information and to order a Finishing Sample Book, click here.

Senior Graphics Sample Collection
Generation Y is often referred to the “skeptic generation”. With our Senior Graphics Sample Collection, you can show this important demographic how awesome our graphics look and increase senior portrait sales.

New Pic-A-Pac Packaging
Last month we implemented our new PAP packaging process. We have received a flood of feedback from our customers expressing their appreciation of the new system. Here’s what a customer, Sherry Dvorak of Ardmore, OK, has to say about our new packaging:

What a nice surprise to find out recent Pic-A-Pac order already sorted and in individual packets. Our name and phone number included on the folder, along with the child’s picture made identification easy! What a wonderful idea and convenience for all. Thank you!

For more information about our new PAP packaging system, feel free to contact us!

Changes to the PROS Press Products Catalogs
We have made some modifications to the way our digital press products are presented in PROS. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Overspill Lines – Press overspill lines have been identified, helping you with your design
  • Added Flat Cards – Please note that attention to image orientation in this product is essential
  • 5x5 Folded Card – We’ve added a new Folded Card size
  • Minimum Quantity – You can now purchase folded and flat cards (except for Calling Cards) in quantities as small as 24 with increments of 1 card thereafter. For example: If your customer wants to order 30 cards, now you can order just 30 cards.
  • Coating and Paper Types – We’ve added a variety of premium paper and surface coating options to all of our digital press products.

For more information regarding digital press products, please see pages 37 and 38 in our new Products & Services Catalog.

Discontinued Products
Boy’s and Girl’s Sports Memory Mate Mounts have been discontinued and are no longer available. Our Multicolor Sports and Generic Gray Memory Mate Mounts are still in stock and are available in a variety of sizes. See page 41 of our new Products & Services Catalog for more information on Memory Mate Mounts. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.

Digital Education

November Workshops
We have setup several workshops for the month of November in Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin. Please visit our Web site at www.poundslabs.com/workshops/ to learn more about upcoming programs. Be sure to register as soon as possible because seating for these free workshops are limited.



New Shipping System to be Implemented
Over the last few months, we have been working with a new shipping system that we expect to begin using full-time beginning the week of November 5. The main benefit of this new system is that it allows us to ship via any of the three principal private carriers (UPS, FedEx and DHL) and the U.S. Postal Service.

Our long relationship with DHL as our exclusive carrier has resulted in our receiving a significant discount off their standard rates which, in turn, allows us to keep our shipping fees to a minimum. We are finding, however, that there are times where an alternative carrier to DHL would be preferable.

We launched a survey a month ago asking our shipping customers about their level of interest in alternatives to DHL. This survey allowed us to discover what they thought of DHL and their preference of alternative carriers.

Beginning on the week of November 5, we will activate our new shipping system. This will allow us to switch customers who have expressed a preference for either UPS or FedEx over to that carrier for the remainder of 2007. Both of these carriers have agreed to give us rates competitive to that of DHL for this two month period to demonstrate their level of service. We will also switch some customers who have not expressed a preference for one carrier over another to either UPS or FedEx in order to give both of these providers a fair test. So if you have a preference, please complete the online survey so we can put you with the carrier you prefer.

All three carriers will be providing us with reports of the service levels they have achieved on the shipments we make with them. In late December, we will evaluate those reports along with feedback from our customers and make a decision about which carrier(s) we will continue to offer as part of our standard shipping program. In order to get the most favorable rates, we will need to focus on two carriers so that they get the shipping volume from us that they require to justify the favorable rates.

There will be more information about our shipping plans in our November newsletter as well as in special e-mail notifications that we will send to our shipping customers. If you have any questions regarding this matter, feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Digital Press Product Image Design Information
Our digital press products are a full-bleed product; the image covers the entire product surface area. In order to create a product without any white borders and to insure that you do not lose critical image content in the trimming process, your image must be designed larger on each dimension than the actual card size. It is best to be sure that any critical image content is no closer than 1/8” to the actual card size edges or 1/4” to the layout size edges. Portions of the overspill area may or may not appear on the final product. The layouts contained in the Press Product catalog are properly oversized for overspill requirements and include actual card and layout size dimensions, as well as general critical image area guides.

Holiday Schedule
Our production lab and all service centers will be closed on November 22 for the Thanksgiving holiday. Regular business hours will resume on November 23.

The last day of production and shipping prior to Christmas will be Friday, December 21. Our service centers will be open Monday, December 24 until noon. Normal business hours will resume December 26 through 28. Our service centers will be open on December 31 until noon, and we will be closed on January 1. Normal business hours will resume on January 2.

There are NO early cut off dates for Christmas delivery. All orders will be dated for normal delivery times per our new Products & Services Catalog. If you request a rush or a delivery date shorter than normal, the order will be handled and billed as 100 percent rush. In that case, allow one day per service area. Each of the following lines represents a separate service area:

  • Retouching
  • Digital Printing
  • Finishing (Gold Stamp, Texture, Spray and Mount)
No rush service will be available on:
  • Flush Mount Albums
  • Digital Press Products
  • Novelty Items

This season, we will have the luxury of being able to ship using any of the three major private small package shippers in the United States: DHL, UPS and FedEx in addition to the United States Postal Service.

It is important that you understand that during the last week or so leading up to Christmas that shipping service time commitments may be curtailed. Here is what we are hearing from each of the three private carriers.

UPS has told us that the suspended commitments will only affect air shipments from December 15 through Christmas. At this time, they do not expect their ground service time commitments to change.

DHL says that the service guarantee will be suspended for two-day shipments tendered on Thursday, December 20, 2007 and for Ground shipments tendered between Monday, December 17, 2007 and Monday, December 24, 2007.

FedEx has told us that at this time they do not expect to suspend service time commitments.

If we learn of any changes in these commitments we will post that information on our Web site and in an e-mail to shipping customers.

At Pounds, we are committed to using a service that will get your orders back to you within two business days of our having shipped them. If you determine that for any given order you need faster delivery than what our standard provides, please call customer service and we will arrange to ship your order for next day delivery using the service of your choice. Extra charges based on the service requested will apply.

Regardless of the stated service time commitments, we encourage you to allow at least a day or two extra time when you make delivery commitments. Things can happen and if you have allowed a day or two extra to recover, that can make all the difference.

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Date of Publication:  October 26, 2007
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