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Products & Services Catalog

Proud to Announce It!
We’re excited to announce the availability of our new Products & Services Catalog beginning October 1st. Inside, you will discover over 40 pages of updated prices, policies and guidelines. There are also examples of products you may not have known that we offer! In fact the main reason we are publishing a new catalog at this time is to present new products that have been added since our previous price list. Discover something new when you check it out!

We are now accepting online requests to have the new catalog mailed to you on or around October 1. The electronic version will be available via Customer Home on September 26.

New Prices Effective October 1
The prices in our new Products & Services Catalog become effective on the first of October.  We’ve updated our pricing structure for a few of our products and services but you will find that most of our prices have not changed. Digital printing prices for example were not modified.

Products & Services Update

Greeting Card Information
Updated information on our Greeting Card collection is now available.  From new prices to updated requirements, be sure to check out what’s new.  You can download our new specs sheet by visiting the Downloadable Documents Center inside Customer Home.

Don’t forget about our Greeting Cards Sample Book and Designs Promo Kit.  The sample book is available for $5.00 and the Designs Promo Set is available for free.  Click here to order one or both.

New this year is the option to order Greeting Cards on Metallic paper for manual orders.

New Pic-A-Pac Packaging
Previously, we have returned PAP orders in tractor fed Picture Pak glassines. Many of our customers would remove the prints from the glassines and package them in an envelope for delivery to the final customer.  This process was a waste of time and materials (for you and for us) so we have developed a new procedure.

Effective immediately, all PAP orders will be packaged in our new Portrait Envelope.  One of the key elements of this new packaging system is a 3.5x5 PAP Summary Card that sits in a clear film pocket on the outside of the envelope.  Printed on the card is key information such as a thumbnail image, order/roll/frame/sequence numbers, original image file name, and a list of all products ordered for that image.  It also includes your studio name and phone number!

In addition to the new packaging system, all PAP orders will be returned with all the specialty items that were ordered for that image inside the envelope with the prints.  Specialty items that will not fit in the envelope (posters, 10x13s, coffee mugs, etc.) will still be returned separately.

In the coming weeks, groups and teams will be packaged with individuals for orders submitted via PROS.  More information regarding this will be available soon.

New Products
Beginning on October 1st, we will begin to offer Sintra mounting boards and lamination to our Print Finishing lineup. Sintra is a durable lightweight synthetic product 1/8” thick and available in white or black.  The new lamination service applies a 3 mil film laminate to both sides of the print. This creates a durable water resistant  product. You can choose between Glossy, Matte and Luster finishes.

We continue to add to our digital Press Products. Over the next few weeks we will add Calling Cards and Digital Press Sheets to our Digital Press Products lineup.  Calling Cards are business cards that can be printed on both sides.  Digital Press Sheets are an effective way to communicate a message.  They are ideal for promotional signs, sell charts, tri-fold brochures, and more.  Digital Press Sheets are available in 8x10, 8.5x11 and 11x17 sizes.



Alternatives to DHL for Shipping
Pounds has been using DHL as our primary carrier for more than 10 years. Recently we were approached by UPS and FedEx asking that we consider their services. We are interested in getting your opinions on DHL and whether you would like us to consider one or both of the other carriers.  If we currently ship to you we encourage you to go to our Web site and complete a simple feedback form telling us if you would like for us to offer an alternative to DHL and whether if we were to make a change you would prefer UPS or FedEx.

Press Product Sample Offer
We will soon be offering sample sets of our Press Products demonstrating the products, paper and finishing choices. Since we are not photographers we are turning to you for images that we can use on these sample products. Use PROS to design a 4.5x5 or 5x7 folded card or 4.5x5 or 5x7 two sided card. If we use your image or design in our sample pack we will provide you with a quantity of that product at no charge (100 copies of a folded card, 200 copies of a flat card). Just send your images/designs to marketing@poundslabs.com.

Avoid Borders on Gallery Wraps
The Gallery Wrap has proven to be a very popular product.  As more folks realize the sales potential their creative instincts began to take over.  We're seeing images with 1 inch or 1.5 inch borders around the outer edges.  The process of stretching the canvas around the frame is not precise and doesn't allow us to perfectly align those borders with the edges of the wrap.  As a result we ask that you please avoid borders on your Gallery Wraps. If you have any questions regarding Gallery Wraps, feel free to send us an e-mail or give us a call.  We will be more than happy to assist you.

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Date of Publication:  September 20, 2007
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