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Products & Services Update

Finishing Sample Books
It has been researched and proven that consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service if they can see the real deal at the point of sale.  To aid in your sales of finishing options, we have created a book of finishing samples.

This unique book contains more than 20 pages that measure 4x5 in size and contains samples of paper, print colorizations, surface coatings, canvas styles, textures, laminates, foil stamping, and wallet overlays.

Finishing Sample Books are available today for a nominal fee. Contact a customer service representative to order yours.  We will be accepting online orders for this exciting new book within the next week.

New Sloppy Border Option
We have released a new border option available under our Sloppy Border prints and Sloppy Border proofs.  Check out the new Film Edge border when you order your Sloppy Border prints today in the Package and Machine Prints catalog and Sloppy Border Proofs catalog in PROS.

10x13 Sports Posters
Sports Posters continue to be a hit with sports and event photographers.  In fact, they have been so popular that a new size was requested! 10x13 Sports Posters are now available in the Pic-A-Pac catalog.

New Cut-Out Statue Option
We now offer four new Cut-Out Statue choices in our Pic-A-Pac catalog.  Cut-Out Statues have long been a customer (and consumer) favorite! These new products are our Individual and Group Cut-Outs with Inside Cuts.  These are offered at a slight premium over the standard product and include cutting out additional areas such as the background inside a “hand on hip” pose.

Order this new product anytime “inside cuts” are required.  Statues are available in 5x7 and 8x10 sizes for both individual and group shots.  Inside Cut Statues can be found in the PAP catalog under the Products from Prints menu.

Coming to Pounds September 1st
We’re excited to be able to offer you these new products and services beginning September 1st:  Print laminations, sintra mounts and new Pic-A-Pac packaging options.

Pounds Remote Ordering System

New Font Option Available
Now you can use your own fonts when creating layouts within the PROS Layout Tool.  The new text node font selection menu will allow you to access your local system fonts and still add shadows and text colors.


Digital Education

September Workshops
August has already been quite an exhausting month with all the trade shows and conventions going on.  No wonder everyone is taking vacation in between all the events.  With that said, we have decided to postpone our workshops this month.

Our workshops will return in September for another round of digital education.  Visit the Digital Education section of our Web site next week for more information about our September workshops, including a schedule and registration information.  Don’t wait—these free education opportunities fill up quick!



Little Red School House
Pounds is proud to co-sponsor this year’s Little Red School House seminar, presented by the Dallas Professional Photographers Association.  Joyce Wilson, an accomplished photographer whose work celebrates fantasy, reality and human form, will be this year’s speaker.  She will share with you her passion for photography through a retrospect of her incredible work.  Joyce will guide you through the technical and aesthetic aspects of portraiture and move into the mystical, magical theme of creativity from inspiration and on into destiny.

Little Red School House will be held September 9 through 10 in Arlington, Texas.  For more information, visit the DPPA Web site.

Common Problems
Many customers have designed images with thin borders around the edges.  Due to the paper tracking variations in all imaging printers, thin borders on images could be lost during the imaging process.  If the paper shifts as much as 1/32nd of an inch and the image has a 1/16th inch border then half the border could be lost.  As a result, we suggest that you make your borders at least a quarter of an inch deep on all sides to allow for the normal slight variations in printing. 

We would also like to re-emphasize our reminder last month that all proof pages and side-bound proofs have a maximum page count of 80.  Orders that contain over 80 pages will have to be separated into two books.  These orders must be pulled from production for a customer service representative to call you asking where you would like to have your book separated.  You can avoid delaying your order by submitting these as two separate orders.  If you have any questions regarding the binding of proof pages, feel free to send us an e-mail or give us a call.  We will be more than happy to assist you.

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Date of Publication:  August 20, 2007
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