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Summer Sale Ending Soon

50 Percent Off PROS Samples
It is a well worn truism in the photography business that “you can’t sell what you don’t show”.  We want to encourage you to show as many different options as you offer. To help you do that without breaking the bank we have come up with a special sample discount program.

Create your own sample products using products, graphics and finishing options from the Composite Prints, Pic-A-Pac, Machine & Package or Press catalogs.  Then in the review screen select the “Sample Order” option. We will apply a 50% discount to the order. We ask that you honor the spirit of this promotion by not using it to order products that you intend to sell.

These orders may not be rushed and are subject to our regular minimum charges.

We can only afford to offer these great prices during this slow time of our year. We want you to take advantage of the program but keep in mind that it is available only through July 31! [details]

Product Update

12x12 Designer Albums
Due to popular demand, we have added 12x12 Designer Albums to our line up.  Designer Albums are our premium hand-made coffee table style albums.  These elegant books are a great way to strike a lasting impression with your clients.

10x13 Sports Posters
We have added a 10x13 size to our Sports Posters lineup.  These multi-image prints are customizable in many ways.  You can select custom color background and borders.  You can also add various lines of text, color selectable of course.  Although this product is mostly for sports photographers, it also works great for any other niche.  For example, photographers who shoot high school senior portraits have been known to use this product.  Check it out in PROS.

Fine Art Prints
You can now order Fine Art inkjet prints in PROS using the Fine Art Prints catalog. Prints are available in sizes from 3.5x5 up to 40x60.  We offer two papers: canvas or watercolor.  All the prints in a given order will be printed on the one paper that you choose and may not be ordered in the same order as photographic prints.  Because inkjet prints on these papers are very fragile we include a smooth gel coating in the print price.

These prints are particularly suitable for showcasing special image enhancements like paint strokes and chalk effects. Various mounting options allow you to order finished prints that present the prints in their best light.

Digital Education

Effective Marketing with Kirk Russell 
Houston - July 30  |  Austin - July 31  |  D/FW - August 1  |  Shreveport - August 2
This half day program is geared to the needs of the studio photographer whose business is shooting portraits, weddings, seniors, babies, etc.  The seminar leader, Kirk Russell, is known for presentations and seminars that are humorous and direct, and are packed with ways to create studio momentum by sharing ideas, imagination, intuition, insight and inspiration. His regular free electronic newsletter, Inspirational Caffeine, continues to enjoy wide readership among professional photographers. 

Kirk will show you examples and take you through the steps of his “how to reinvent your business” plan.  He will share great ideas for new products, marketing and new processes that move people to action.  [details]

School Photography Boot Camp with Chris Wunder
Houston - August 7 through 10
Did you know that school photographers earn some of the best money in the photo industry? In three separate seminars offered back to back over four days, this comprehensive program presents everything you need to know to operate a successful undergraduate school portrait business. 

Chris Wunder, Photog. Cr., will be the instructor for all three seminars. Chris is nationally known and respected as the #1 trainer for the school, sports and event photography markets.  [details]

Your Winning Game Plan
Dallas - July 23  |  Kansas City - July 25  |  Denver - July 27
According to SPAA, sports photography is the fastest growing and most profitable business opportunity in the photographic market. Whether you want to expand your current operations or are looking for a new profit opportunity, you will develop a winning strategy for success in this lucrative market as you learn from a team of experts. 

Whether you are currently a sports photographer, just starting in the sports market or searching for a new profit opportunity, you will find something of value at these seminars.  [details]

Little Red Schoolhouse
Arlington, TX  -  September 9 & 10
Don't miss this year's Little Red Schoolhouse, held at the Arlington Hilton in Arlington, TX, featuring Joyce Wilson.

Joyce Wilson’s remarkable career spans over 45 years as a top portrait and commercial photographer as well as a foremost visual arts educator. She holds the Master/Craftsman/Fellowship degrees from PPA.  In 2006, Joyce received the Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2003, the International Photographic Council honored her at the United Nations with the Distinguished Leadership Award. Joyce has been part of the Fuji Talent Team and her images appear in advertisements for Fuji Film, Prudential Insurance, Kodak, Mamiya, and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

Her program at Little Red Schoolhouse is entitled “Imagine”. Joyce will share with you her passion for life and photography with a retrospective of her work. She will guide photographers through the technical and aesthetic aspects of portraiture and move into the mystical, magical theme of creativity from inspiration to realization and on to destiny.

Enroll before August 10th for only $119 - after August 10th the fee is $139. Special hotels rates of $129 are available if you make your reservation before August 19th. Call 817-640-3322 to reserve your room. To register click here and mail the form along  with your payment to Deb Kreimborg, 601 Hawthorne Circle, Highland Village, TX 75077 . Register early as seating is limited!


Kerrville Summer Seminar Wrap-up
Sue Steakley and her associate Molly Cripe were very excited after print judging at the TPPA Kerrville Summer Seminar.  Sue had prints that scored 80 and 82 with each receiving a distinguished print ribbon.  Molly had a print that scored an 81 and received a distinguished print ribbon as well.

If you had the opportunity to attend this year’s seminar, don’t forget that you can receive a free 8x10 group portrait from Pounds! For more information, click here.

Binding Proofs
Just a reminder that all proof pages and side-bound proofs have a maximum page count of 80.  Orders that contain over 80 pages will have to be separated into two books.  A friendly customer service representative will call you asking where you would like to have your book separated.  If you have any questions regarding the binding of proof pages, send us an e-mail or give us a call.  We will be more than happy to assist you. 

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Date of Publication:  July 17, 2007
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