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Products & Services

More New Print Sizes
We continually make great strides to fulfill customer requests.  This month, we have added a few new things to PROS.

12x18 prints – This aspect ratio allows full frame prints to be made from files from most digital cameras.  This print size is ideal for sports photographers!

Gallery Wraps – We’ve added 8x8, 12x12 and 16x16 print sizes to both our 1 and 1.5 inch Gallery Wrap line.  Keep in mind that our Second Quarter Promotion features Gallery Wraps with a 25 percent discount.  Take advantage of these new sizes and our promotion today!

Monitor Calibration with Ease
As professional photographers, you want to make sure the images you are seeing on your monitor are as accurate as possible.  Having a calibrated monitor is especially critical when performing image enhancements or previewing images with your clients.

Trust what you’re seeing, don’t second guess yourself.  Pounds Labs is now stocking the affordable Eye-One Display 2 from X-Rite as our suggested tool for calibrating and profiling your monitor.  With the Eye-One Display 2, profiling your LCD, CRT or even notebook displays has never been easier!  Contact a friendly customer service representative today to order or find out more about the Eye-One Display 2.  Keep checking our Web site within the next week as we will begin to accept orders online.

Digital Education

Workshops at Our North Texas Service Centers
Our Dallas and Fort Worth service center locations will be hosting free workshops in May to better equip you with the knowledge to succeed.

On May 16th in Fort Worth, we will show you all that there is to know about the Pounds Automated Sales System (PASS), our new e-commerce solution for your studio.  On May 17th in Dallas, our morning workshop will cover the PROS Layout Tool and Album Design.  The afternoon workshop will cover PASS.

Visit our Web site for schedules and availability.  [details]

Get Familiar with PASS
Training for the Pounds Automated Sales System (PASS), our new e-commerce solution, continues on for those interested.  Lead by Gary Hutson, this e-workshop is held every Monday morning at 10:30 CST.  There is no need to leave your home or studio as all you need is a high-speed Internet connection and the ability to call long-distance to join the conference call.

Each training session is limited to 10 attendees, so registration is on a first come, first served basis.  If you would like to join in, please send an e-mail to ghutson@poundslabs.com at least two business days prior to each session.  An e-mail will be sent out the Friday before the session around noon confirming your spot.  For more information, feel free to contact Gary Hutson via e-mail or at (800) 237-5931.


Second Quarter Promotions
Don’t forget to take advantage of our Second Quarter Promotions going on now through June 29th! This quarter we are offering Gallery Wraps at 25 percent discount.  Our Annual Wallet Special has also returned offering you up to 20 percent off our regular book prices.  [details]

Supporting Embedded Profiles
Beginning on Monday, May 7th, internal workflows will be adjusted to use the embedded profiles as the input color space for your images.  If an image doesn’t have an embedded profile, we will continue to assume that the image is in sRGB.  Read our special announcement for details.  [details]

Common Issues with Orders
Our team of professionals strives each day to make sure each order that leaves our production lab is complete and contains the highest quality products you have come to expect from us.  Problems do, however, arise as with any mass production process.  Find out how to make sure your next order is the way you intended.  [details]

Compatibility Issues between PROS and Vista
The Pounds Remote Ordering System has some minor compatibility issues with the latest release of the Microsoft Windows operating system.  The issues vary depending on the version of Java that you have installed.  For optimum performance, please ensure that you have Java 1.6 installed on your Vista system.  [details]

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Date of Publication:  May 2, 2007
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