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Product Update

Web Hosting for Online Ordering
As of the week before last, we are officially offering our online image hosting service, PoundsLabsOnline. The basic service costs $7.50 per month plus 1 cent per image per 30 day period that an image is online. You create and maintain your own price lists.  We do not collect a percentage of the sales. You may choose to be either a sub-domain (i.e. – www.studioname.poundslabsonline.com) or for an additional $7.50 per month (plus the cost of the domain) a private domain (www.studioname.com)  may be hosted for you.

Included in the basic package is a Web site with almost unlimited pages to be used as you desire.  To see how the site looks and feels from your customer’s perspective go to http://demotemplate.poundslabsonline.com/. Click on the Events link and then the Weddings link followed by the Clark Wedding link.  The password to access that event is “pounds1”.  You are welcome to go all the way through placing an order, just select Check as the method of payment.

If you would like to get set up with an online ordering account (or just have questions about the service) please email us at marketing@poundslabs.com. If you want us to create an account for you, give us

1)       your Pounds account number

2)       the password you would like to use to access the management section of the site

3)       whether you want a sub-domain or private domain (if you do not specify we will assume you want a sub-domain)

4)       the name you would like to use in the URL (takes the place of “studioname” in the first paragraph above).

You are only committing to a month to month billing arrangement, unless you have asked for a private domain in which case you are only committed to pay the domain registration service (not Pounds) for whatever period for which you signed up (usually a minimum of one year).

Competition Print Submission via PROS
Now you can submit your competition images to us via PROS!  Simply select the “Competition Print” catalog in PROS, click on the service level tab and print size you desire, add your image to the order, and submit the order.  Print instructions may be added via the “options” button or the “special instructions” section.  If necessary, our Competition Print Consultant will contact you to discuss your digital printing needs in order to produce the optimum finished competition print.

Sport Poster inspired 8x10’s and new Mouse pad designs
We have added 8x10 composite print designs to PROS that complement our Sport Poster collection and allow for the same options and similar appearance.  They can be found in the Pic A Pac catalog under the 8x10 Specialty Composite section.  These 8x10 composite designs have also been added to the Machine and Package Prints catalog within Specialty Graphic Products containing the 8x10 Specialty Composites section.

New design options have been added to our Novelty Item Mouse pad collection in PROS.  One new design allows various text, vignette, colorization, and text background border options.  Nine additional mouse pad designs complement our Sport Poster collection and allow for the same options and similar appearance.  These are available in the Pic A Pac catalog within Novelty Products containing the Novelty Mouse pad section.

Spring Greeting Card Graphics
St. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Easter is not too far off! Help your clients celebrate with a variety of festive greeting cards from our Spring Greeting Card collection.  Preview the new designs now!

A few more things...

Late Breaking News
We send out this e-mail newsletter at the start of each new month, but throughout the month we post new announcements as they occur on our Information Blog.  Be sure to check out the blog frequently to read up on the latest happenings.  Just browse over to www.poundslabs.com/blog.

TPPA Convention and Trade Show 
The annual TPPA convention is just four weeks away! It will be held March 3rd through 7th in Arlington, Texas.  Pounds will have a booth set up and we will have many new products and services to show you.  If you get a chance to attend, be sure to stop by our booth and say, “Hi!”  [More on the Convention]

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Date of Publication:  February 6, 2007
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