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Happy New Year

It is doubtful that our industry has ever seen so much change as it has over the last couple of years. Certainly Pounds has never been through anything like it and….it ain’t over yet. While we continue to accept film for processing and scanning, starting in late 2006, all our printing is now performed digitally to photographic paper, inkjet papers and most recently digital press. We want to thank you for the confidence you have shown in Pounds Labs over the years and let you know that as many products and services as we have added over the last few years, we expect to see as many if not more added in 2007.

Big Print Special

Big Print Special – Save big on large prints
Beginning on January 2nd until March 30th, increase profits with our Big Print Special. All color 16x20 and larger prints up to 40x50 will be 50 percent off! 

Here's how it works: Simply place an order for a big print (sizes 16x20 through 40x50) and automatically get it half off.  It's that simple! The first print will be half price and additional prints from the same image/size will be at regular pricing.  Finishing services are always available at regular pricing.  This limited time offer does not apply to: Panorama Prints, Sports Posters, Gallery Wraps, or black and white printing. 

Take advantage of our Big Print Special to spruce up your studio with new wall samples or use these lower prices to create your own studio specials to increase sales and boost profits.

Product Update

Spring Greeting Card Graphics
We have recently added several new Valentine and Easter designs to our Designer Greeting Cards collection.  With St. Valentine’s Day and Easter just around the corner, now is the time to push these products!  Preview the new designs now!

Gallery Wraps expanding
You will soon have the option of ordering Gallery Wraps that are 1 ½ inches deep. This size will be released into PROS by early next week. 

If you are not familiar with Gallery Wraps here’s a quick description. Your digital image is ink jet printed on fine art canvas and then mounted on 1 inch thick stretcher frames.  The difference between a Gallery Wrap and a traditional stretcher frame canvas mount is that the image is printed with an extra border around the edge of the desired stated size. For example, for a 1 inch gallery wrap, a 16x20 becomes an 18 and 3/8’s by 22 and 3/8’s image. In this case, the stretcher frame the print is mounted on is still a 16x20 size so that the “extra” image can then be wrapped around the frame. The back is then finished with craft framing paper and a mounting bracket attached to the top back of the frame. The result is a finished product ready to go directly on your customer’s wall.

Banner Prints in PROS
Another new product that will be available in PROS next week is a 24x80 inch inkjet print on satin cloth fabric. Printed on bright white water resistant fabric these banners are great for promoting your business (in your reception area, at bridal shows and events), helping your customers to promote theirs (point-of-purchase displays, at outdoor events) and as print products in their own right (full length bridal portraits and senior banners). 

Design the banner layout in Photoshop (150 dpi works best), flatten the file and save as a JPEG (should be no larger than 70 MB). We provide the “footprint” in PROS into which you drop your JPEG.  Note: Since these files are almost always combinations of several images, fonts and graphics we do not color correct these jobs. Images are then rendered to the satin fabric using a high end inkjet printer.

If you would like some banner design pointers, Suzette Allen, (CPP, Cr. Photog.) has an informative article about these banners on the ShootSmarter Web site.  By the way, registration on the ShootSmarter site is free!

Web Image Hosting Without Commissions
Pounds has recently made arrangements with one of the oldest online image hosting services for professional photographers, to offer their service under the Pounds umbrella with no sales commissions.  If you believe that all of what your customers pay should end up in your pocket this is the service for you.

Another plus is that the only branding on the ordering pages is yours. Your customers will see only your name on the Web page. Choose the basic service and the only reference to Pounds will be in the URL (ex: www.studioname.poundslabsonline.com ).  For an additional fee we can even host your own unique domain name if you want the address to mention only your studio name.

Some of the other key points are:
   - Events can be Private (password protected) or public
   - Create multiple levels for events
   - Create as many different price lists as you wish.
   - Price lists may contain packages which you define
   - Ordering pages can carry your existing Web site’s color scheme
   - Integrated fulfillment of orders to Pounds (coming in March, 2007)
   - PayPal or your own merchant account integration for payments
   - Fully functional Web site included as part of the basic service

The basic hosting service costs $7.50 per month plus 1 cent per month for each image hosted during that month. No commissions!

We will have more information available at Imaging USA. Pounds training workshops on the service will be offered starting in early February. If you are interested in signing up for the service, a workshop or just want a demonstration / more information contact us at marketing@poundslabs.com.

A few more things...

Imaging USA – just a few days away.
As you are likely aware, events for Imaging USA, a Professional Photographers of America (PPA) convention, starts within the next few days with the official kick off this Sunday in San Antonio. Pounds will have a booth there, so come by and say, “Hi”. If you need a free pass to the show send a message to marketing@poundslabs.com and we’ll arrange to get you one.

Non-Color Corrected Printing
In most of our PROS catalogs you have the choice of asking us to color correct your images or not. When you ask us to color correct your files we assume responsibility for the input as well as the output. (Of course if the image(s) were not well exposed there is only so much we can do to improve them, but that’s another topic.) Our color correction personnel have invested considerable time in learning how best to correct each image. We also invest in the best monitors we can find for the job and make sure they are properly calibrated and profiled. Only by implementing these controls can we be sure that what we see on the monitors will be how the finished prints look. 

We realize that there are situations in which you may need to or want to take complete control of all the image correction tools. In those situations you simply choose the No Color Correction option in PROS and we will print your images “as is”. In order for the prints you get back from us to look like what you see on your monitor it is critical that the monitor be stable and capable of being calibrated. You then need to use a calibration tool to get it properly balanced and profiled. Finally, to insure that the colors in your images are properly mapped from the file to the printers you should view and save your files in sRGB color space.  Several other color spaces are larger but all photographic output devices use sRGB.  If you view your images in another, larger color space, colors that fall outside of sRGB’s gamut may not reproduce the way you want them on the final print.

If you are new to the Non Color Correct workflow we encourage you to first make sure you monitor is properly calibrated and then contact customer service before you submit your first order to arrange for us to print a test print or two so that you can be sure that what comes back is what you were looking for. When you select No Color Correct we print the image as is to the print size requested and once that has been done there is no going back. 

Many resources for professional photographers to learn about techniques and products exist on the internet. One that we have found to be particularly informative is ShootSmarter.com, especially for researching workflow, monitors, and calibration devices.

Bottom line, choosing the No Color Correct option in PROS will lower what you pay for prints. Only you can determine whether that savings is worth the labor and expense involved in assuming responsibility for color and density on your end.

Put a little LOVE in your photography!
In 2006 Pounds sponsored three all day seminars led by Kelly Moore Clark. The positive response of the attendees was off the charts.  They loved it!  We thought that you might want to know about a three day seminar that Kelly is offering on her own turf (Shreveport, LA) next month. This one is totally Kelly’s from conception to implementation and if one day with Kelly was fun and informative, just imagine what you can get out of three days! 

If you want to learn more about what Kelly has in store and the details like: when, where and how much, just jump on over to her Love Addict Web site

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Date of Publication:  January 12, 2007
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