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Digital Education

Kelly Moore Clark Heads to Houston
Following the success of our two Modern Methods for Studio Success seminars in Austin and Grapevine in September, Kelly Moore Clark has agreed to take her presentation to the Houston area on December 4. 

Kelly has managed to grow a successful photography business in a short time even as she managed the jump from shooting nothing but film to being totally digital. We can promise you that you will be anything but bored and can’t help but come away with new ideas, a fresh perspective and renewed enthusiasm for your profession.

The seminar will be held at Marriott Houston North at Greenspoint and will run from 9 to 4 with about an hour lunch break. In both the earlier seminars Kelly stayed around long after the “official” ending time answering questions and talking shop. Don’t miss this opportunity to peek into the business of one of the leaders of the next generation of photographers. The cost for the day is $45 and covers breakfast rolls, coffee and refreshments.  Lunch is on you at nearby restaurants.

Check out our Web site for more details and take a look at Kelly’s studio site.

Digital Basics & Workflow Workshops
If you have recently taken up digital photography or would just like a refresher on the key elements, make plans to attend one of our free workshops, presented by Gerry White! We currently have two dates planned at the Dallas service center (October 16 and November 6) and will be presenting the same material in other locations as demand dictates. 

Our Digital Basics program is presented in the morning hours.  Digital Basics is intended for photographers that are new to digital imaging. Topics such as camera types, resolution, exposure control, white balance and color management will be covered. The purpose of the workshop is to get you familiar with the new terminology and provide you with an understanding of what is involved with digital imaging. These workshops are tailored to meet the needs and background level of the participants.

The Digital Workflow program takes place in the afternoon and will address workflow and ordering tools to make your life easier.  This workshop is more advanced than the morning session, but is still geared towards the photographer that is in the process of trying to determine the best workflow for their studio.  Topics to be covered will include: custom white balance, computer requirements, color management, image processing with Photoshop and other applications.

These two educational workshops will be presented by Gerry White.  He and his wife Sherry operate together under Roe & White Photography and specialize in wedding and environmental portraits.  Being a photo-enthusiast since age nine, Gerry began looking at the world behind a lens every chance he had.  Prior to devoting his life to photography, Gerry taught mathematics at a junior high school and coached sports for many years.

Space is limited to 15 seats per program, so register now!  Remember, these workshops are free of charge so we expect seats to fill up quick.  You can get an overview of what we plan to cover by checking out the information on our Web site. You also will find instructions there on how to register.  If you cannot make one of the Dallas workshops but would like to participate if they were held in other cities (Houston, San Antonio, Austin, The Valley, east Texas, Louisiana, etc) contact Gary Hutson via e-mail and let him know of your interest and your preferred location.  We cannot guarantee that we can satisfy every request, but if we can generate enough interest in an area we will do what we can to make it happen.

PROS Layout Tool Training Workshops
We currently have a few training programs scheduled next week in Dallas and Fort Worth.  These programs are designed to demonstrate how you can use the Layout Tool in creating unique products for your clients.  These free, three hour programs are offered in the morning and afternoon at the Dallas service center and in the afternoon at the Fort Worth service center.  Visit our Web site for schedules and availability.

Products & Services

Press Printed Cards—They’re Coming!
Starting October 16 you will be able to order 4x5.5 and 5x7 four-sided press printed cards through PROS. We will start with fixed templates that will allow you to insert an image on any of the four sides (front, back and two insides).  You will be able to order one of our standard greetings and up to three lines of text in the inside page.  Later in the month we will make this product available for use with the PROS Layout Tool which will allow you to assemble images, graphics and text in just about any combination that you can imagine. 

Cards are returned flat, scored for easy folding and come with envelopes. The cards will be ordered in sets of 24, one set being 24 cards, two sets total 48 cards, three sets total 72 cards, etc.  The table shown below displays the prices per card size and quantity. These are based on standard finish stock.

Card Pricing:

Samples: Due to the economics of printing cards, we cannot offer less than 24 cards from any one image to use as samples.  However, we will be putting together example sets of 5 to 10 cards with different images on each one that we will make available for $5.00 per set.  If you would like to submit an image (along with authorization for us to use the image for promotional purposes) and we use the image in the example set we will provide you with five sample print sets at no charge.  You can send us your images via e-mail!

Soon after we implement the four sided cards, we will implement two sided promotional postcards. We are also working on the interface to allow us to offer hard and soft sided photo books through PROS in the near future.  Be sure to make frequent visits to our Web site to find out more information as we make these products available.

New ProWallet Products Added to PROS
We have added two new items to our 8 up ProWallet collection of products that allow you to apply an inset image as well as place provided artwork, standard PROS background colors, or your own image in the background.  The inset image can be set to fit or cropped and appears as a beveled inset.  You can enter up to 6 lines of text and select Times New Roman, Brush Script, Arial, or Old English font, as well as select the style to be bold, italic, regular, or bold-italic.  Standard PROS text colors and backgrounds are available options.  Die Cut is available.  Look for these in the “Machine and Package Prints” catalog in the “Specialty Graphic Products” tab under the “8 up Specialty Wallets” tab.  They can also be found within the “Machine and Package Prints” catalog in the “Senior Graphic Products” tab under the “8 up Senior Wallets” tab. 

8x12 Prints to Match Common Digital File Aspect Ratio
In response to customer demand, Pounds now offers 8x12 prints as a full-size print option. This format of print closely matches the aspect ratio of most digital camera files. These prints have been priced at $3.25 for the first color corrected print from a given image and drop with volume.

Color Correction
No Color Correction


Greeting Card Sample Book & Promo Kit
Studies indicate that consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they can see and feel the real deal at the point of sale.  To aid in your holiday sales, we are offering our Greeting Card Sample Book and Promo Kits!

Sample Books are $5.00 each, and are a great way to demonstrate to your clients how the product will look.  The Promo Kits are available for free to help your clients choose the perfect design for their family.  For more information and to place your order, click here!

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Date of Publication: October 5, 2006
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