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Digital Education

Modern Methods for Studio Success: It’s Almost Time
Kelly Moore Clark is part of the new generation of photographers that is bringing a fresh approach to this market.  At Pounds, we have watched as Kelly has grown her business quickly and with her own signature style.  Kelly has set aside a couple of Mondays in September (Dallas/Grapevine on September 11th and Austin on the 18th) to present seminars on how she approaches her business – her craft.  There is more information on our Web site, but the bottom line is that we encourage you to set aside one of those two Mondays and join Kelly and Pounds for the day.  You will leave with a lot of new ideas and after all, it really only takes one or two every now and then to make a big difference in your business. [more information]

PROS Layout Tool Training Continues
During the past month we held several half-day training sessions on how to use the PROS Layout Tool to create your own graphics and templates.  We schedule these sessions in response to expressed interest.   If you have not attended one of these sessions and would like to, or even if you have and would like to participate in another one, please contact customer service and get your name on the list.

New Products

New Finishing Option: Pounds Gallery Wraps
We are pleased to offer a new option for print finishing: Gallery Wraps.  This product allows a digital image to be laid down on fine art canvas and then mounted on one inch thick stretcher frames.  The difference between a Gallery Wrap and a traditional stretcher frame canvas mount is that the image is printed with an extra 1-3/16th inch border around the edge of the desired frame.

For example, a 16x20 becomes an 18-3/8 by 22-3/8 image.  In this case, the stretcher frame the print is mounted on is still a 16x20 size so that the “extra” image can then be wrapped around the frame. The back is then finished with craft framing paper and a mounting bracket attached to the top back of the frame.

The result is a finished product ready to go directly on your customer’s wall. The portion of the image that is wrapped around the sides of the frames provides a complementing depth to the image on the facing area of mount. 

To order this product use the Gallery Wrap Portraits catalog in the PROS ordering software.  The template provides you with a visual guide showing approximately what portion of the image will be on the facing of the mount and what will be wrapped around the frame.

Gallery Wraps are available in traditional dimensions (8, 10, 11, 14, 16, 20, 24, 30 and 40 inches) for print sizes 8x10 through 40x50 including most square sizes.

Albums: Flush or Bordered Mounts
As mentioned in our August newsletter, we have been offering finished  albums through PROS for a couple of months now.  You choose between flush mount and a selection of bordered books.  Whichever style you order, you first layout the album pages in PROS using the Layout Tool and then send the order to Pounds.  We color correct each image (if you ask us to) and then print the pages and bind them into albums.  Due to the custom manufacturing process involved, please allow three weeks for flush mount orders.  Turnaround times on bordered albums are about one week.

Documentation describing our pricing and a general overview of our flush mount album offering can be found in the Instructional Downloads page inside our Web site.  All album pages are automatically clear coated to help preserve the pages and either Linen or Fine Pebble texture may be ordered if desired.

Novelty Products 
We would like to remind you that picture mugs, mouse pads, puzzles, key chains and bag tags are now available from Pounds.  You can access these products within the Pic A Pac catalog under the Novelty Products menu in PROS. [more...]

Need Panoramic Prints?
We have recently received a flood of calls from customers inquiring how to order panoramic prints.  When in PROS, select the Layout Tool catalog.  There, you will find a menu item named Panoramic Prints.  You will immediately find several size options ranging from 4x10 to 30x50.  Check them out!

PROS Support Alert

McAfee Security Prevents PROS Transmissions
It has come to our attention that recent updates to McAfee Security products have created some problems for customers who send orders to Pounds using PROS.  While the security updates are intended to do more good than harm, it affects the way PROS sends your digital orders to us for processing. [more information]


Press Products:  A Call for Guinea Pigs
We recently mentioned that we were looking at offering press print products.  We have been experimenting with different ways of producing greeting cards, announcements and postcards, which would be available for ordering through PROS.  We expect to make an official announcement of pricing and availability by late September.  If you had previously contacted us expressing interest in Pounds Press Products, you will be receiving a message soon letting you know how to submit images for us to print using the processes we are currently testing.  Our goal is to obtain some feedback on these products.  If you did not express an interest earlier but would like to see samples of what we are looking at, please feel free to drop us a line.

PROS Sample Program coming to a close
Over the summer you have been able to order samples of most of the special digital products and services we offer through PROS for a 50 percent discount.  With Fall almost here and school back in session, our workload is ramping up and we need to focus resources on ensuring fast turnarounds for regular orders.  Effective Saturday, September 16, the Sample Order option in PROS will be deactivated.  If you have been postponing placing a sample order now is the time to get it done before the program is no longer available.  Please remember that the purpose of the program is to allow you to order special products that your customers really need to see in order to appreciate.

Web Hosting
Much like press products, we are narrowing our options for a web hosting solution offering everything from hosting only to complete fulfillment.  We are in talks with two different established services and will make a final decision soon.  A formal announcement and time table for roll out of the various options will be made during September.  Send us an e-mail for more information!

Greeting Card Info and Pricing
Greeting Card Kits are now available. These kits include information and pricing on all Greeting Cards and Holiday products including our new Holiday Magnets. Kits are free on request by sending an e-mail to xmasinfo@poundslabs.com or by calling Customer Service.

Our Greeting Card Sample Book sales tool has been updated for 2006 and includes a sample of our new Holiday Wallet Magnets and a Metallic Paper card.  (Please note that the Holiday Wallet Magnets and cards on Metallic Paper are only available via PROS.)  Sample Books are $5.00 each, and are a great way to demonstrate to your clients how the product will look.  Give us a call for more information on this unique sales tool, or stop by a friendly service center to view this product.

Spray Services on Metallic Paper?
We continue to see a number of orders that are requesting spray services on products printed on Metallic Paper.  Spraying this special paper pretty much ruins the effect and look of this paper.  While this service is technically possible, we strongly suggest that you not spray Metallic prints.  If you are absolutely positive that you want Metallic prints sprayed, please put “Okay to Spray” in the comments field of your order... otherwise you’ll be getting a call from us asking if you are sure you want them sprayed.

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Date of Publication: September 6, 2006
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