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Albums – You asked and now we’ve got ‘em!

Flush or bordered mounts - Since the middle of June you have been able to order flush mount albums through our PROS software. Effective July 17 you will be able to order a selection of bordered albums. Whichever style you order, you first layout the album pages in PROS using the Layout Tool and then send the order to Pounds.  We color correct each image (if you ask us to) and then print the pages and bind them into albums.  Due to the custom manufacturing process involved, please allow 4-5 weeks for flush mount orders. Bordered album orders will take about one week.

PDF’s describing our pricing and a general overview of our flush mount album offering can be found in the Instructional Downloads page inside our website.  By the 17th we will have the same information related to the bordered albums on the same page.

All album pages are automatically clear coated to help preserve the pages and either Linen or Fine Pebble texture may be ordered if desired. Gold stamping of the covers is also an option.

Using Layout Tool to create albums - The “Bordered Album Creation” catalog must be selected in order to build bordered album pages.  Use the “Flush Mount Album Creation” catalog to create flush mount pages. You can create your pages in Photoshop, flatten them and then order pages in PROS.  But we think that many of you will find that using the PROS Layout Tool is somewhat easier to master as well as faster. We encourage you to download and study the Layout Tool User Guide from the Instructional Downloads page of our website. If you are interested in attending a Layout Tool training class at one of our service centers or the Dallas lab please let customer service know.  As enough people express an interest classes are scheduled, usually on Mondays. 

A word about naming templates and page numbering - When creating and saving templates, it is critical to name or group the templates so that in the future you can identify which templates correspond to which album size (for example, an 8x10 layout will not look acceptable when ordered for a 10x10 print). All layouts contain page numbering options that must be customer selected so that Pounds will know the desired page order within the album.  The page numbering options can be selected before adding the layout to the order or they can be selected/modified in the review screen.  The unique page numbers should only be selected once per order, i.e. do not add the “Page 3” option to more than one item in the order. The correct quantity of page options is displayed for the respective album size.

Sample Albums - Due to the high material and labor cost involved in producing albums they are not subject to the PROS samples program.  However, we do offer a one time only discount of 30% off a 24 page 10x10 flush mount album and 30% off any two page style/size combination bordered mount albums. To take advantage of this sample discount create the order in PROS and enter the words “Sample Discount” in the order level comments.

Newly Added Products to PROS

Novelty Products
Now you can order picture mugs, mouse pads, puzzles, keychains and bagtags from Pounds! We have arranged with an outside vendor to produce these products for our customers and since they are priced very competitively we don’t have much markup in them.  We want you to have samples of these products so they are available under the PROS Sample Program, but we ask that you not order more than one of each item as a sample.  You can access these products within the Pic A Pac catalog under the Novelty Items menu. [more...]

Bordered Event Prints
These special new prints allow you to place an image into a reduced sized image node within a 5x7 or 8x10 sized print with a white background that has image border color options and text color, font, and style options for single line, double line, or triple line text.  Moreover, the image vignette options are available.  An image can be fit or cropped within an image node.  The “Event Standard” layouts also have a background color option in addition to the above mentioned options.  The “Event Plus” layouts have two additional image nodes suitable for placing event or school logos (only available with the white background).

Pro Select Color Buttons
Offer buttons with custom team colors for that personalized look sports teams love!  You will be able to select the background, border and text colors.  The background color options correspond to our standard background colors and the border colors are similar to the sports poster offerings.  Text is available in either black or white in a fixed font style. You can locate this item, Select Color Button #5044, under the “Products from Prints” tab within the Pic A Pac catalog.  Contact your local customer service representative if you need an updated “PROS Background and Border” color chart.

Tid Bits

PROS Sample Program Extended Through July
We continue to have customers taking an opportunity to extend their stock of samples of graphic products, large print sizes and finishing options.  The program was to stop the end of June, but will be kept in place through the month of July.  These sample orders are priced at 50 percent off of our standard prices but are subject to minimum order pricing.  Sample pricing is only available for orders submitted through certain of the catalogs in PROS.  Create your order as usual and then on then select the Sample Order option in the Review Order screen.

Happy New (Senior) Year!
It’s that time of year, out with the old seniors and in with the new ones.  Effective July 1, all of our senior graphics that include the year are being updated to 2007.  You may still use PROS to order senior products with 2006 as the year by using the Specialty Graphic Products in the Machine and Package Prints catalog.

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Date of Publication: July 3, 2006
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