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Spring Into The Season – A Message from Danny Pounds

The lull after Christmas Season is over and your partners at Pounds have been working hard to bring you profitable new products to add to your portfolio and a Digital Education message designed to help you sharpen your skills in capture, workflow and business.  Our focus for 2006 is to bring you the products and educational opportunities you need to take full advantage of the “digital revolution.” At the same time we are improving our internal digital production and customer service to better meet your business needs.  Your comments on our Digital Education program are very important to us.  Please e-mail your thoughts and ideas to digitaleducation@poundslabs.com.    We take our partnership with our customers very seriously and will continue to focus on the tools and information you need for success as we both grow!

Digital Education

Digital Essentials Seminar in Austin
Thanks to Alvin Gee and Carroll Grigsby for bringing us a message focused on growth through digital technology and using digital tools to add value to the images we deliver to our customers.   Representatives from Canon, Fuji, Nikon and Novatron were on hand to provide hardware specific information to go with the digital capture segment done by our own Mike Oakley.  We received great customer response from this information packed day and wish to thank all who participated and attended. 

Tweedie Seminar Response Phenomenal
Jim Tweedie presented his digital workflow message to packed houses in Grapevine and Kingwood in February.  The response from those attending was overwhelmingly positive.  Several people told us that Jim delivered “the best digital seminar I’ve every attended.”  It’s no wonder; Jim is the leading digital columnist on Shootsmarter.com with his articles read by over 20,000 people per month.  Jim takes the fear out of digital portrait and wedding photography with simple to understand techniques that work.  His “Tweedie Technique” is an uncomplicated method of taming the nasty on-camera flash problems we’ve all had since going digital.  Jim is back for one more date in Shreveport, LA on May 1st.  If you missed the other two be sure and sign up.   Go to www.poundslabs.com and click the Digital Education link.


Metallic Paper Arrives at Pounds with Introductory Pricing
You asked for it and we listened!  Metallic paper is now available through PROS on all print products up through 30x40.  To sweeten the deal we are pricing Metallic prints the same as our normal Endura Supra prints through the end of May.  Known for its distinctive eye-catching metallic appearance, this high-gloss paper surface displays saturated, vibrant colors, rich blacks, and flattering skin tones.  Metallic is great for sports, seniors or anything when you want to deliver a high impact product.  Start up PROS and give it a try today.  Keep in mind that if you wish to order both Metallic and traditional papers from the same images they will have to be entered as a separate orders.

Bound Proof Booklets
We are pleased to introduce spiral bound proof booklets in all the standard proof sizes from 3x5 to 5x7.  These books are available with all the specialty border options side bound up to 80 pages per book.  If more than 80 images are submitted, we will separate the prints into multiple booklets.  The binding can be ordered along the short side or the long side of the Specialty Border proof pages.  On the Side Bordered Binding proofs, the binding is placed on the fixed side and you may also add a proof watermark if you wish.  Attractive as both an exciting proofing tool and a finished product these books will add another dimension to your senior, family and children’s product arsenal.  Look in the Specialty Border Proof tab in PROS to access this useful new option. 

New Senior Proof Page Options in PROS
Senior 5x8 Horizontal and Senior 8x10 Vertical Proof Page Book options have been added to the Proof Pages catalog to provide new product options geared specifically for the Senior market.  Within the 5x8 tab are a Senior Cover and a Basic Cover; both have options to add a background image or color, as well as selections for text color, font, and style.  In addition, the font “Old English” has been added as a scholarly font option.  The 5x8 tab also includes a proof page that can contain 3 images with the all the looks available on our other proof pages.  Within the 8x10 tab, a vertical Senior Cover has been added as well as a vertical 9 up proof page.  To compliment these new products, more color options for background and borders have been added.  Start up PROS and take a look today.

New 10x13 Memory Mate Composites
Just in time for spring sports 10x13 Memory Mate Composite products are now available within the Pic A Pac Catalog in PROS.  They include specific sport layouts for Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, and Softball.  This 10x13 print allows you to place a team image and an individual image as well as enter text options.  Also available is a product that has color selectable background and text options.  The color options correspond to the same colors offered on our 8x10 MM Composite prints.  The products can be found under the specific sport tabs or in the “Memory Mate Composites” tab in PROS. 

PROS Retouch Options Expanded
The PROS Image Retouch Options have been modified with additional services, the special instruction fields have been redesigned, and the ability to add a “donor” image has been added.  Use the donor image product to send us the image for a head swap.  You should then reference in the “Retouch Options—Image Retouch Special Instructions” which image the donor is supposed to be used for the swap. The base image should have the pertinent retouching services selected, as well as reference to the donor image in the “Image Retouch Special Instructions”.   In addition we have added more options to the digital retouch palette and expanded the special instructions field.

Problem with Images Processed Through Nikon Software
We have recently become aware of a problem in PROS with images that look fine in the thumbnail view but turn dark and/or red in hue when the customer drags them into a product.  In many cases the image is too dark to see.  Most recent complaints have come from customers who are using the Nikon camera software that came with the new D200 camera.  Different cameras and their image extraction software will occasionally embed a non-RGB colorspace (like CMYK or proprietary ones) or add EXIF header data.  In these cases, while the thumbnails appear fine, Java is unable to render the full image into a product - they will appear darkened, hued, or not render at all.  This issue has occurred since the release of Java 1.5, so removing all Java versions and launching the PROS install from you the Pounds web site link will prompt to install the final Java 1.4 version.  Java 1.4 did not have any issues handling the non-standard colorspace and renders the image fine upon placement into a product.  Converting these images to standard sRGB in Photoshop and/or removing the EXIF header data will allow the image to be rendered in a product.  If you have this problem and have problems correcting your PROS install please contact your Customer Service Representative.

Turn Key Wedding Albums in Testing
We are in the final testing phase with a high quality turn key wedding album product offering.  Our intent in developing our album products is to keep the quality as high as possible while offering a reasonable cost and quick turn around time. The pages will be built in either LabPrints or PROS.   Our goal is to have sample products to show at the Southwest Professional Photographers Convention March 18th – 22nd in Arlington, Texas.  Stop by the Pounds booth, take a look and tell us what you think.

Ordering Tips

Creating Multiple Final Prints on a Canvas
As photographers become more knowledgeable of the possibilities of digital we are seeing more orders come through with multiple images grouped together on a single canvas.  In some cases we receive special instructions to individually trim the prints out. Unfortunately, this is not something we can do in our digital machine print workflow.   Multiple images can be created as a composite on a single canvas but will be delivered as a single print.

Please remember that when we receive a multiple image composite as a single canvas we are not able to individually color correct the images on that composite.  Composite prints created in Lab Prints or PROS give us the ability to individually color correct the images on the composite.  For more information on Lab Prints or PROS please go to the on-line ordering link at www.poundslabs.com or contact your Customer Service Representative.

Single Odd Sized Prints
A single image of an odd size may be created on a standard canvas size.  We will trim the image to the final print size if the text “ Trim to ?? x ??” is included on the canvas. Mounting may be ordered and will be billed at the size of the canvas. ( An image trimmed to 9x12 from an 11 x 14 canvas will
be billed as an 11x14.)  If you can make the frame we can produce a print to fit it!

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Date of Publication: March 7, 2006
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