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Message from Danny Pounds

What a way to start off the New Year!  Austin, Texas – home of the UT Longhorns, the recently crowned 2005 NCAA Football Champions -- is now celebrating the overwhelming attendance at the 2006 Imaging USA National PPA Convention –one of the largest in PPA history.   Those of you who did not make it should plan to come on down to San Antonio in 2007 to see what it’s all about. A big Texas thank you is in order to those who came by our booth and made this convention one to remember. 

Over the last few years the photographic industry has faced significant changes and challenges which have affected everyone involved - photographers, photo labs, suppliers…. not to mention the final customer.  I started this lab 30 years ago with one thing in mind – serving the professional photographer.  Such service is still at the core of our business and I want to thank all of you for your loyalty and continued patronage as we have worked together to understand this whole digital process. 

While there are certainly more changes and challenges to come, the digital workflow is starting to feel a little more like business as usual. If digital is still a bit overwhelming to you I encourage you to sign up for one or more of the digital seminars we are presenting over the coming months.  We started these training seminars in 2005 and they were so well received that we have substantially increased the number of offerings in 2006. I encourage you to take a look at www.poundslabs.com/digitaleducation for a listing of our programs.

Every business exists to meet the needs of its customers.  We like to think that the fact that we are still thriving after 30 years indicates that more times than not we have been meeting your needs.  As we continue to expand on the number of digital products and services that we offer, these monthly newsletters are your best bet to keep up with the additions. But if there is a product or service that you need and you don’t know whether we offer it or not give us a call or shoot us an email. If we don’t offer it we’ll certainly try to find a way to do so. 

After all, we’re in this together,

Danny Pounds

Are you taking advantage of the free, easy to use, most talked about software on the market today?  To download PROS, just click here and go!  Pounds customers have access to an extensive range of products and services for every photographic event.  Everyday we are working on and adding new and enhanced products to the PROS software. 

PROS Pager
For those of you who have wanted to manipulate page templates in PROS we will be implementing this functionality during February and expect it to be available to all by March 1.  PROS Pager will allow you greater design and creative ability to build your own templates by adding and moving image nodes, creating and colorizing borders and text, as well as changing image opacity and masks.  As we like to say, "With PROS, you're always in control."

PROS Unique Units
You asked for it?  You got it!  To accommodate the marketing prowess of our customers, we are introducing some new unique unit prints.  These 8x10 unit prints contain image print sizes that are practical and in greater quantity per page than standard unit prints.  Our new “Unique Unit Prints” are available via PROS in both the Package Print and Pic A Pac Catalogs and priced the same as our standard units. [details...]

PROS Composite Prints
We have added additional layout selections to various 10x10’s in the PROS Composite Print Catalog. 

PROS Proof Page Options
Additional background and border color options have been added to the PROS Proof Books!

PROS Gold/Silver Stamp Options
In our Machine and Package standard unit print products you have the ability to order gold or silver stamp text or studio logo by selecting the “option” button for the print.  The stamp positions available are low-left corner, low-center, or low-right corner.  If text is requested, Script and Italic fonts are available.  The choice of either straight line text or slant line text is available.  There is a 3-line maximum for straight line and 2-line maximum for slant line, with a maximum of 18 characters per line. 

If Gold Studio Logo or Silver Studio Logo option is selected, only Placement will be an additional option.  If Gold Script, Gold Italic, Silver Script, or Silver Italic option is selected, Placement as well as Text Entry will be options.  Placement option will default to “Lower Right.”  If Slant Line is selected, Straight Line will not be available and vice-versa.  Slant Line will only be available on 8x10 and smaller prints. 

Please note that you must have a logo on file.  If you do not have a logo on file, you will need to have one created through our studio overlay order service.  For more information, please contact customer service.

“Preferences” Button
Remember – you have the ability to turn off the prices in the PROS software by clicking on the “Preferences” button and un-checking “Show Prices”.  This does require you to relaunch PROS.  When it opens back up you will no longer be showing prices.  To turn them back on, just recheck “Show Prices” and relaunch again! 

PROS FAQ (Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about PROS)

My order just finished sending, but I didn’t receive an email confirmation – do you have my order?
The e-mail confirmation is generated by the Pounds business system. After your order finishes sending through PROS, it goes through two other programs before it gets to the business system, where the correct billing is established and the email generated.

Things that can prevent or slow the generation of the e-mail notice: 

Lots of orders at once: If many orders are coming through at the same time, your order may be in line behind other orders.

Problem with the order: Did you receive an automated email stating that there was something wrong with your order? Follow the instructions in the email. Usually this is easily resolved by our technical team.

Incorrect email address: Have you changed your email address lately and not notified the lab? Changing your email address in PROS is not enough to change the email address we have on file for you. If you do have a new address, please contact customer service or go to the main page of www.poundslabs.com to update your email address.

Have you tried to track your order online? Go to www.poundslabs.com, Customer Home; use your account number and password to log in; go to Order Tracking and Account Status to see your current orders.

If you are still having trouble finding your order, contact customer service and we’ll be happy to help you track it down.

Ordering Tips and Tracks

How do my images look?
On our internal Customer Home page you find links to Order Tracking and Account Status, Pricelist, FTP Order Entry, Instructional Documents, PROS Order Summary, and now the…Image Adjustments Report.  The Image Adjustments Report is a new page that adds incredible value to your digital image education and image quality clarification.  Enter one of your order numbers and get a report showing the amount of correction we applied to each image along with a summary of corrections applied to all images.  You can now view a comparison on the screen of your image - before color correction and after.  If an order is not to be color corrected or has not been color corrected yet – no information will be displayed.  Likewise, this report is not applicable for scanned film orders. 

Patience is Virtue

Boy do we live in the world of Press 1 if you prefer English, Press 9 if you want the veins to pop out of your neck…  “If you know your party’s extension…”  What – they’re having a party? 

This is happening all over the world.  And while we do our best to get to every call immediately there are times that one more call comes in and everyone is already busy on other calls.  Please know - we are trying very hard to answer all of the phone calls and help you in every way that we can.  The extension numbers of our key customer service personnel are shown below.  If you reach their extension and get a voice mail message they are on the phone.  Please leave a message and they will get back to you promptly. If you have an immediate need to have us grab a specific order please email us at: orderprocessing@poundslabs.com

For those top Customer Service Representatives in Dallas…
Try our ferocious leader, Darren, darren@poundslabs.com or at extension 115.
Contact Tina, tinac@poundslabs.com, at extension 148.
Try Tracy at tanderson@poundslabs.com or extension 119.
Bill is available at byoungblood@poundslabs.com, and at extension 117.

There is a whole team behind them – and remember – if they are on another line – leave a message with your account number and number where you may be reached! 

Digital Education

Just around the Corner!  Our February Seminar Schedule is starting off with “The Digital Essentials” on February 13th at the LBJ Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas!  This seminar hosts an all star cast of speakers that will take you from A to Z in Digital Photography.  Representatives from Canon, Fuji, and Nikon will be available all day to answer your questions and bring you up to speed on your camera or maybe your future camera!  This is a day you certainly don’t want to miss! 

February 20th in Grapevine Texas and February 27th in Kingwood Texas - Pounds will be bringing you one of the top national speakers around – Jim Tweedie!  One of Shoot Smarter University’s finest instructors and top columnist for shootsmarter.com. will bring you two incredible seminars in February.  If you have ever been frustrated with digital capture, workflow or those nasty on camera flash problems for your wedding, portrait and even seniors shoots, then come and spend the day with us.  You may just come away with every digital question answered from a top pro, a terrific speaker, and a nice guy too. 

These programs are filling up quickly, so please register early to lock in a seat!  For more information please go to www.poundslabs.com/digitaleducation.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

A Message from Mike Oakley. . .
Pounds Photographic Labs, Inc.
Technical Support Coordinator

Sorry to miss your call… but I’m in Illinois right now with Jim Tweedie…  I’ll be back next week, so while I am gone please remember – Custom White Balance yields the best color possible.  While the preset settings will give you more accuracy than Auto White Balance, you will not see the consistency that can be achieved with a Custom White Balance. 

Please do not submit any file larger than 100MB for printing, and if you are color correcting your own files in Photoshop, please make sure that you are using the sRGB color mode.  For more instruction and education, I can give you an entire day or a half day of instruction at one of our Seminars, Workshops, or even more hands-on instruction in our Digital Exchange Center.  Please go to www.poundslabs.com/digitaleducation for a complete listing of our programs.  See you there! 

-Mike Oakley
Working for You

We work very hard to make Pounds your lab of choice, and there is no greater compliment than to receive letters of appreciation from our customers.

In a recent message to Pounds, Jim Tibbetts—a long-time customer—stated how much he has appreciated the hard work and effort the company has put forth to keep photographers on the “front burner.”  Tibbetts mentioned that a recent PROS order, which was submitted at 5 p.m., had a scheduled turnaround time of eight business days.  Much to his surprise, the order was shipped in just forty-eight hours after submission.  Tibbetts ecstatically said: “The order contained buttons, magnets, and trader cards.  It entered and departed your facility in under 48 hours.  I find this truly remarkable, as I remember when it took over two weeks to ship out this size of order.”

Acknowledging the personal attention our customer service department has given him, he said that the communication astounds him.  Tibbetts added, “The digital realm is keeping all of us on our toes, and it is nice to know that your staff, is actually my staff.” 

While the demise of his business was around the corner, he noted that Pounds has helped his business “flourish”.  Tibbetts said,  “I just wanted to express myself on your accomplishments on my behalf.”

Again, to all of our customers, “We are in this together” – by helping you, we are helping ourselves – thank you for your support.  We look forward to continue serving you in 2006!

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Date of Publication: February 1, 2006
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