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We want to thank our customers and industry friends for your loyalty and patronage as we embark on our 30th year of service.  Your support has been essential to attaining this important milestone, and we want you to know we are going to work hard every day to continue to earn your trust and confidence. We look forward to bringing you continued education seminars, marketing tools and professional services you can depend on.
Marketing Tools
The demand for our Senior Graphic Products has been sensational this busy season.  As we mentioned in our last newsletter, Pounds is now providing Senior Presentation Books designed to assist you in your selling success.  Coming in 2006, the Pounds Marketing Program will introduce more quality marketing products with our Sports Presentation Tools.  Look for the announcement after the first of the New Year.  The Senior Product Presentation Books, now available, contain full size photo images of each graphic product available via PROS, in three bound presentation books.  Booklet “A” features our selection of 18 different Senior Wallet Graphics for $15.  Booklet “B” features our Senior Composite, Senior Calendar, and Senior 8x10 Graphic selections for $15.  Booklet “C” features the 11 different graphic selections of our 4x5 Senior Thank You’s and Announcements offered at $7.50.  All three booklets can be purchased together for $25.00 or sold separately at the above prices.  To purchase your Senior Presentation Books please contact Dallas Customer Service or your local Service Center.
PROS – Information and Access
Every day, we are adding new products and enhancements to the PROS ordering system.  There are so many choices in the market today for the photographer to choose from, we decided to make your choice easier!  PROS saves you time, money and brainwork by simply bringing you what you need in the most user friendly fashion available today.  Download PROS today or contact us for more information.
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Watermark Proofs
You now have the option of adding either a “Proof” watermark or your own “customer entered text” (25 character limit) as a watermark on proof products.  This service is available to both the “Standard Proofs” and “Studio Logo Proofs” by selecting the order level option before submitting the order.  When providing any type of text to your PROS order please make sure the “Vertical Top” or “Horizontal Top, are positioned correctly in the image guide.

Cross Country and Lacrosse Graphics 
Why do we keep adding and improving our graphic products? – We are responding to the comments and suggestions made by our customers.  We want to help you stay competitive in today’s market.  New Cross Country Graphic products include:  Trader Cards, Magazine Covers, and Memory Mate designs.  Lacrosse Graphics include:  Trader Cards and Magazine Covers.  These new sports graphics are available via PROS in the “Pic A Pac” catalog under Additional Sports.

Digital File Size Reminder
When submitting digital images to Pounds, please limit your uncompressed file size to less than 100 megabytes.  Files larger than 100MB are excessive for any of the print products processed at Pounds.  Moreover, they have a tendency to error in our systems and will cause additional delays to your order, since we will ask you to resubmit your order with an appropriately sized file. Please note that JPEG files display the compressed file size in most operating systems.  For example, a JPEG file may display the file size as 69MB or 69000KB when viewed from Windows Explorer, however the actual uncompressed file size may be 300MB, which can be seen in Adobe Photoshop or Irfanview.

2006 Digital Education Agenda and Survey
2006 will kick off with an entirely new set of workshops and seminars that will bring you all the tools and training you need to succeed!  Focusing on the progression and development of your skills and techniques with Digital Photography, this years seminars will leave no stone unturned.  We want to provide today’s photographers with simply the best and that is just what we have done.  Please check our web site this month for further details, event dates, and registration information.  Also, in order for us to bring you the workshops you need please take a moment to fill out a brief survey on the Digital Education tab of our web site.  Just click here now!

Shoot Smarter University
Pounds is pleased to announce that we are co-sponsoring the ultimate class for digital wedding photographers – Digital Wedding Essentials with Jim Tweedy.  The class will be held at the amazing ShootSmarter University facility in Aurora, Illinois January 30th through February 2nd.  Jim is one of Chicago’s top wedding photographers and a nationally known speaker.   Jim will show you how to master on camera flash with digital, share awesome workflow techniques through album design. In addition he will reveal some awesome marketing tips to help you book more weddings and up your sales!  The ShootSmarter University is 8,200 square feet of the finest state of the art digital photography gear, studio, lab and class facilities available anywhere. This is a master’s class for professionals that are serious about being on top of the digital wedding game.  To learn more go to shootsmarteruniversity.com or click on the ShootSmarter link in the digital education area of our website.

The Professional Photographer’s Business – from Start to Finish
Pounds will be kicking off its 2006 local seminars in Austin, Texas February 13th at the LBJ Wildflower Center Auditorium.  From start to finish, this day will leave you on the edge of your seat!  And once you have visited the Wildflower Center’s Auditorium, you will understand just how wonderful that seat is!  This day’s agenda has an incredible line-up of speakers that will take you from camera, capture, and order submission to PhotoShop, projection, and marketing.  You will also have an opportunity to visit with representatives from Canon, Fuji, and Nikon.  The day will end with a grand finale including all of our guest speakers giving you the best of their Studio, Location, and Outdoor lighting techniques!   All the details will soon be posted on our web site.  Mark your calendars ~ this is one you don’t want to miss! 

Pounds and Jim Tweedie Seminars Coming to You!
For those unable to make it to Chicago to see Jim we will bringing him to our area for a power packed one day Digital Portrait Photography class.  Jim will take you through the entire workflow from capture, file editing and off to the lab with top notch results.  Jim was early on in digital and has been extremely successful in transitioning one of the Chicago areas top portrait studios.  He’s been there and done that and now he’s coming to show us how he did it!!  Jim will be in Grapevine February 20th, Houston February 27th and Shreveport on May 1st.  Stay tuned to the Pounds Digital Education page on our website for registration details.

Carl’s Corner
Once again Carl utters words of wisdom about the never ending changes in the photography industry today.  Carl has been with Pounds for so long now - you know - back when Elvis was still alive – that I think I even heard him explaining to a young customer the other day what a film camera was! 

Back in the BD (Before Digital) days, photographers who wished to identify their work had a choice of either signing their prints with a gold or silver pen, or stamping their signature on the prints with a foil stamping machine.  Today, things are much easier.  You can have your studio logo or signature on file with the lab and request studio logo overlay, or you may choose to have your prints gold stamped.  You have a choice of black, white, or gold on the imprinting.  If you are not identifying your work before it leaves your studio, you are missing out.  When was the last time you purchased a new automobile that did not have the name of the dealer on the back of the vehicle?  Or when was the last time you saw a painting that did not have the signature of the artist?  Probably never!  Don’t miss this opportunity to advertise your work to the public (potential customers).  There is a one time setup charge of $35.00 for all print sizes.  If you request studio logo imprinting electronically, there is no charge to place the logo on all your prints.  If you request gold stamping, there is a nominal charge for each print, wallets through 30x40.  See our price list for this service.

A Message from Alvin Gee . . .
Alvin Gee is a “Kodak Mentor” and a member of the elite Camera Craftsmen of America.  Named “Photographer of the Year” four times by the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston, he holds combined degrees of Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman.  Gee has served on the board of Directors of the Texas Professional Photographers Association, and as a faculty member of the Winona School and the Texas School of Professional Photography.Alvin also has been using Pounds for over 9 years.

Transitioning from paper proofs to digital projection can be very rewarding.  Change is difficult though, and you will have some resistance.  Try projection on just your new clients and ease the rest in later.  You can explain to your client that it’s like a “try before you buy” concept.  You see the projected image large and in living color.  It will be easier to narrow down your final choices because you’ll see the expressions so clearly.

I like to put my slide shows to music and personalize each slide show with a personalized introduction slide that has the client’s name on the title slide, and a closing “The End” slide.  When the show is over I like to ask the client how they feel.  They usually are very happy!  I have Kleenex tissues if they are crying.

Then we show the images 2 at a time and narrow down to the best one.  We can put a frame around the favorite image and it is usually purchased with the portrait.

Projection is one of many parts of the selling process.  The design / clothing consultation, the portrait experience, and telephone script, are all very important to successful and consistent wall portrait sales.

Alvin Gee at the 2006 PPA Convention in Austin 
You may attend Alvin’s program “The Family-Friendly Studio” on January 24th, 2006 during the PPA Convention in Austin, Texas.  During this session Alvin will share his photographic evolution from wedding photographer to family portrait specialist.  He will discuss techniques on posing the family, creating a client for life, marketing to the carriage trade, and highlight the construction of his family-friendly studio. 

For more information on the 2006 PPA Convention in Austin, January 22-24, 2006, please visit EVENTS - Professional Photographers of America, Inc.

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Date of Publication: November 1, 2005
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