Photography by Jenny Rhea

Digital Education
Navigate your digital world with ease.

Your success is our success. Keeping that in mind, we bring some of the industry's top trainers to you to deliver valuable information and advice on the best ways to capture great images that will serve your business goals and exceed your customer’s expectations. We aim to help you develop the knowledge and skills so that when you pick up your digital camera, all you’ll have to focus on is - getting the picture.

Our seminars bring you expert speakers from our professional industry into an interactive presentation environment that delivers valuable information on the awesome world of digital imaging. The core purpose of these educational opportunities is to launch you into a new realm of camera, capture, technology, software solutions, and workflow. In other words, immersing yourself into the enormous capabilities of digital photography enabling you to capture images and optimize your results!

Pounds workshops focus on the continual growth of digital photography and the need of the professional photographer to stay on top of their game. These classroom workshops bring you topics and educational instruction that will help you build a prosperous business, giving you the tools, techniques, and know how to capture the best images possible, so that you may satisfy the needs of your clients. Our highly dynamic workshops are structured in a clear, straightforward approach to ensure that the information is understood by all class participants.