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Your business is our business.

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Pounds Photographic Labs, Inc. is a full-service photo-finishing lab that serves professional portrait photographers.  Our customers specialize in many areas, including but not limited to: weddings, schools, sports, and events.

When we say your business is our business… we mean it.  It’s that train of thought that motivates us to ensure that we do everything we can to help you deliver exceptional products to the one that matters the most—your customer.  You see, we’re more than your lab—we’re your business partner.  That’s why we do everything possible to ensure your success.  From digital education to today’s most popular photographic products, Pounds is committed to helping your business succeed.

Pounds has the products and services and advice you’ll need to better compete and succeed.

There is no single set of characteristics that defines our clients.  Some of our clients have full-time jobs outside of photography.  Some are in the medical industry.  Some are educators.  Some are full-time domestic engineers.  There are also those clients that run multi-million dollar operations with multiple sites and numerous employees.  Our point is that no matter the size, we work for them all.  Below is a brief overview of the types of photographers we support.

Portrait photographers rely on the quality of our processing and proofing to make the best impression possible when they discuss purchase options with their customers.  Our full range of print enhancement and finishing services improves and adds values to the final professional portrait. From wallets to 40x60s, we have the products and services you need to serve your customer.

The professional photographer shooting a wedding, bar mitzvah or company party must constantly deal with changing lighting conditions and backgrounds over which they have little, if any, control.  Our quality control professionals evaluate each image to minimize those variations and strive to provide consistent results.  From proof books to uploading images to the Internet, we provide candid photographers the tools they need to get their work in front of as many eyes as possible.

We understand that photographing entire schools, from elementary to secondary, is no easy task.  That’s why we provide a range of products that specifically support the school photographer.  From proof strips to proof envelopes, yearbook CDs to ID cards, identification stickers to certificates, Pounds has the products that schools are looking for.

High School Seniors
Remember how exciting it was to graduate high school? Those times still exist and each year thousands and thousands of teens graduate high school.  Pounds has the products that those graduating seniors want to not only “Wow” their friends, but to stand out from the crowd.  With Kodak Endura Metallic paper and Pounds Senior Graphic products, helping them stand out from the crowd is much easier.

Sports and Event
Pounds has been working with sports and event photographers for many years helping them consistently deliver high quality products.  With varying print sizes, specialty products, individual print packaging and a variety of ordering software, we have the products your customers want and the support you need.